Rise of the Human-Centered Design

We are now at an inflection in the digital evolution, and for design to be really impactful, it has to step out from the realm of designers. Which brings up the question: what would designer do, if everybody is a designer.

How can a designer respond to climate change

So, how can a product designer or UI/UX designer or any other kind of designer become part of the solution for climate change? What can a designer do to influence or impact climate change, even if in a small way?

Evolution of human digital needs

15 March 2022. The pandemic accelerated digital adoption. The need to be digitally astute and accessible now cuts across sectors. Unfortunately, the war threatens to undo the progress. It is a threat that could stall the humanising of digital with the conflict pushing a dehumanising narrative in multiple dimensions.

How human is your organisation

20 February 2022. Business performance and revenue are no longer the only parameters on which business is measured. What was earlier considered pure human attributes are now parameters on which organisations are judged.