HUDE is an acronym for human design and encapsulates our team’s quest to use design to humanize brands by forging connections, defining an experience and telling your story.

We are driven by our quest to unlock the untapped value of business by bringing ease-of-use, usefulness & pleasure to digital products and technology powered services.

Our diversity of perspective brings a breadth of knowledge from different industries and respect for various cultures. We work across the verticals of branding, product development, service design, content strategy, customer experience and digital communication.

Equipped with our experience, skills, passion, curiosity and technological tools, we successfully partner with organisations to build the next.


Our team carries a rich imagination and diverse experience of delivery of varied digital projects across multiple geographies


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Our ethos

Our ethos guides and inspires us to strike a balance between our passion to build experiences and our commitment to deliver business value.

Our Belief

That design improves the human quotient of brands, products & organisations.

Our Promise

To improve human experience and deliver the business value of design across the digital ecosystem.


Our team is an amalgamation of researchers, UX practitioners, content designer, content writers, experience strategist and design program managers. Our interdisciplinary team practices a co-design approach.

We team up with our client-partners to closely understand and map their business needs, stakeholders and customer expectations. Then we use our practice of User Centered Design and Human Design to make products more usable, technology powered services more friendly and experiences pleasurable.


Nazim has journeyed across Sapient, Nokia, digital orgs and product start-ups building design organisations, playing different design specialist roles, mentoring teams and designing solutions that continues to delight users across India, North America, Middle-East, South East Asia and Europe.

Outside of work he is passionate about minimalism, ethics, emotions, free-wheely conversations, string music & culture.


Meenakshi comes with 25 years of experience and has worked extensively with Fortune 500 companies to design and architect content solutions across organisations in the hospitality, finance, education, and e-commerce sectors.

She has been a storyteller for three decades, and prominently uses this approach to inform her strategy for creating interactive and lasting customer experiences. 


Diljeet Singh Saluja

For the last 23 years, Diljeet has led many digital programs across Sapient, Max Life, Decimal Tech, and now is a Delivery Partner with Thoughtworks Technologies.
A thought leader on Digital Transformation, Org Agility, Speaker, and Blogger on Agile Culture, Mindset & Program Management Best Practices. He is passionate about coaching & mentoring and is a certified OKR coach.


For last 20 years, Sayeed has focussed on pursuing excellence in the experience technology space across CoForge, TCS and Collabera.
Being based in North America keeps him on the frontiers of technology and experience in architecture.

Anirban Ganguly

With an obsessive focus on customer experience and building brand value, Anirban has spent over two decades in diverse strategic and leadership roles.

Across South East Asia, South Asia, Africa and Northern Europe he has driven market entry, innovation, monetization, scaling and Go To Market for some of the most revered brands and organisations in Telecom, Media, Technology, Digital Health, Advertising and Start-ups.