Bridging the gap between digital and human transaction

YES Bank is one of the new-age and full service commercial bank providing a complete range of products and services and caters to Retail, MSME as well as corporate clients.

As part of its digital transformation, YES Bank was looking to digitally enable its overdraft service, making it possible for customers to avail it on the go. The design layer would sit on top of the product layer being developed by Decimal Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Aligning the experience to customer expectation

Decimal Technologies approached HUDE Studio to assist them to map YES Bank’s business expectation and design a journey that bring together the user and business needs. The ask was to map the bank’s business expectation and design a journey that brings together the user expectations and business goals.

It resulted in a 2-month engagement spread across building an understanding of the existing systems, research and finally redesigning the customer on-boarding journey

Putting Personas at the center

We started with visualizing various personas and walking the journey with them. Traditionally Over draft is a very relationship driven transaction. To make it successful digitally, it was imperative to bring a human perspective to the process.

Even before we started the design process, we brought into cognisance existing applications behaviours, YES BANK’s existing brand guidelines, business needs and above the user expectations.

This was followed with design exploration with the Decimal Technologies and YES BANK team till we settled for the design that responded to the various stake holders expectations. It resulted in an Onboarding and experience journey that brought human-centric simplicity and low cognitive load to the complex space of over draft.

A journey - tested and simplified

The old journey was restructured – both from a business perspective and from a customer lens. We did a UX and usability audit, research, design direction exploration and content design. All of this was filtered with A&B testing, enabling us to deliver a seamless and highly usable onboarding and transaction journey.
Rather than just redesigning the visuals template, we went above and beyond to map the user behaviour, business use cases and the work flow. This enabled us to reimagine the entire user journey itself – making it usable, likeable and making it resonate with the YES Bank brand persona, and giving it a `voice` that customers could relate to.