Designing Growth with Data & Empathy
HUDE stands for human design and our quest to use design to humanize brands by forging connections, defining an experience and telling your story.

We bring our imagination, curiosity and understanding of data to light up common life-scenarios with design inspirations. We learn from people’s behaviour and stories, to design moments that build trust & connection for organisations and brands.


Experience Design, Conversation Design, Design Research,
Content Design, UX Workshops,
Experience Technology



In the expanding digital world, the human touch is losing its place. The more automated our society and relationships are getting, the more remote human touch is becoming.

The absence of human contact means that the digital presence of organisations and brands is their face. To connect and to survive, businesses need to design their presence to fulfil more that just the functional needs of users. They are required to pull heartstrings and provide emotional fulfilment users now seek from brands.

Design is not just aesthetics, but plays a crucial part in how we feel, think and guides human behaviour.


Digital has democratized accessibility to content and brands, but it has also made it difficult for brands to stand out. Brands and organisations now need to come across as more than the sum total of their products and services.

Using storytelling in solutions and marketing allows users to build their own personal narratives, thereby making the brand and organisation more relatable. Storytelling shape feelings that lingers long after users have walked away from the interaction.


Good design is all about perspectives and empathy. Here, we share our thoughts and learnings, our work and experiences. Take a closer look at the HUDE difference.
Jul 19, 2022

How can a designer respond to climate change

So, how can a product designer or UI/UX designer or any other kind of designer become part of the solution for climate change? What can a designer do to influence or impact climate change, even if in a small way?
Jul 01, 2022

At the Pitchfest
Finals, 28 June 2022

HUDE Studio participated in the CXN Live Start-up Pitchfest Final on 28 June 2022. As one of the six finalists, we had the opportunity to rub shoulders with global thought leaders in the CX space – a great experience overall.