Accelerating positive change with design
Our interdisciplinary team practises an approach of co-design. We team up with our client-partners to identify their strengths and leverage design to define an experience, improve usability of digital channels and chart a story that humans can relate and engage with.


Nazim Iqbal uses design to enable business and technology realise its human potential. As a design evangelist, he carries an innate understanding of shaping ideas & early-stage-concepts into products or solutions across web and mobile.

Over the last 20 years, across start-ups and organisations like Sapient, Nokia & Interactive Avenues, he has led multi-cultural design initiatives and teams, and guided them to deliver solutions and products that continue to delight users across India, Middle-East, South East Asia and North America. His communication research background and cross vertical experience help him develop an agile approach and bring a humanistic perspective to design.

He is passionate about culture, nature, string music, freewheeling discussions and minimalism. He is also a writer, social activist and a gourmet at heart.