A conversation on Human-Centered Branding

Watch Nazim Iqbal in conversation with host Ashutosh Garg of A Brand Called You. Nazim shares his journey as entrepreneur and designer, his motivations, and his evolution into a ‘humanist-designer’. And of course, the birth of HUDE Studio.

How can a designer respond to climate change

So, how can a product designer or UI/UX designer or any other kind of designer become part of the solution for climate change? What can a designer do to influence or impact climate change, even if in a small way?

At the Pitchfest Finals, 28 June 2022

HUDE Studio participated in the CXN Live Start-up Pitchfest Final on 28 June 2022. As one of the six finalists, we had the opportunity to rub shoulders with global thought leaders in the CX space – a great experience overall.

Why ethical design is a business imperative

25 May 2022. Ethics in design enlivens the promise of a product being well-integrated (and sustainable) in its physical world with its social realities. Based on the powerful concept of product stewardship, it helps to ‘regulate’ design to provide meaning to people and societies.

Get started with ethical design

6 May 2022. Ethical design is a key foundational principle, and focuses on the user and their stated and unstated needs, expectations. And most importantly, their rights. Always.

The symphony of content design

11 January 2022. Content design is that essential invisible vitamin for digital brands that wish to cater effectively to the twenty first century customer.

Season’s greetings from Team HUDE

Diwali 2021 comes with the last shadows (hopefully!) of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this collection of curated list of readings and viewings, we share design-related inspirations that might light up your imagination too. Seasons greetings! – HUDE Team