Our research-led practice helps you get a better grip on how your product or brand UX is showing and how the UI is talking. We help build your digital presence from scratch and design a human experience layer for it.

We bring our imagination, curiosity and the understanding of data to light up common life-scenarios with design inspirations. We learn from people’s behaviours and stories, to design moments that build trust & connections for organisations and brands.



With increase in digital adoption, the ‘human’ is missing in customer interactions.

But business constantly requires to cultivate trust and emotional equity to stay relevant to their customers. Which means they need to infuse a human touch and voice in their digital footprints.

Our human design practice builds listening capacity, conversation channels and memorable experiences.


Digital has democratized access to content and brands, but it has also made it challenging for brands to stand out. Also customers today expect brands and organisations to be more than the sum total of their products and services.

We weave storytelling in user journeys and build strong emotional connects. This enables brands to harvest positive feelings that linger long after users have walked away from the interactions.



We are in the business of bringing your products and services closer to your users and customers. And we do it by listening to them and understanding them. And then designing for their functional needs and unstated needs.

What we do

We help you create digital products and services that resonate with your customers.  We do so by making your products and services more relatable to users, customers and humans.

We do the following:

  •    Understand user needs & behaviour
  •    Rapid prototype & test solutions
  •    Bring new brand to life online
  •    Re-image an existing brand’s digital presence
  •    Design a new product from scratch
  •    Tell your brand story
  •    Illustrate a organisation winning moments
  •    Make an existing product more usable & pleasure to use
  •    Map your customer expectations & CX gaps
  •    Fusion workshops
  •    Design sprints


Our thought stream continues across projects and teams, more so between projects. Here you can find industry insights, side thoughts and a peek into our culture.

August 17, 2022


Jul 01, 2022

At the Pitchfest
Finals, 28 June 2022

HUDE Studio participated in the CXN Live Start-up Pitchfest Final on 28 June 2022. As one of the six finalists, we had the opportunity to rub shoulders with global thought leaders in the CX space – a great experience overall.