ChatGPT reduced abilities inequality

According to an ongoing research study by Shakked Noy &  Whitney Zhang from MIT, ChatGPT as an AI language model, is fast evolving to have an impact on business productivity.  The study conducted in the context of mid-level professional writing tasks have some interesting findings  Increase productivity by 59%, with time taken decreases and output […]

Will AI propel the Bard in us

Image generated by DALL-E Earlier today Google released Bard – a Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven tool that will blend the capability of search engine and felicity of human conversation.  Bard immediately reminded me of William Shakespeare.  Literary ‘bard’ means  a tribal poet-singer skilled in composing and reciting verses on heroes and their deeds.  Year 2023 has started with a […]

Rise of the Human-Centered Design

Over the last few years, we have made huge progress in adoption of design by businesses, brands, and in the civic space. But even now when I head into meeting with key stakeholders in evolved corporate organisations or government departments looking to bring ease of use to their technology stacks, I encounter prejudices and hand-me-down […]

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Watch Nazim Iqbal in conversation with host Ashutosh Garg of A Brand Called You. Nazim shares his journey as entrepreneur and designer, his motivations, and his evolution into a ‘humanist-designer’. And of course, the birth of HUDE Studio. He talks at length about his passionate quest for human-centred design and how Digital today is not […]

How can a designer respond to climate change

In the Indian subcontinent, it is monsoon time, and a time of the year when all conversations revolve around rainfall. Too much! Too little! Too late! Rising water level of this or that river! What’s more heat waves, no longer a regional phenomenon, are lashing large swathes of Europe, Africa and Asia. It is a […]

At the Pitchfest Finals, 28 June 2022

When CX Network put out their announcement for the CX Live Start-up Pitchfest, we responded with open-minded curiosity and enthusiasm. It felt exciting to be part of the larger community of CX and related organizations and professionals.  It ended with participation in the final, as one of the six shortlisted finalists. Not only was it […]

Why ethical design is a business imperative

As design gains a greater role on the business stage, as brighter spotlight is shone on it, design as a practice is fast growing into a mature and responsible adult. Not only is the design industry aware of its great significance, it is also taking responsibility for aspects that are more fundamental and intrinsic to […]

Why brand storytelling is good for business

Every time I go to my hometown, a small dusty place in Uttar Pradesh, I always visit a particular watch shop to buy a new wristwatch. It’s not a one-dimensional buy-and-sell transaction. Each time I go there, I experience a special warmth, renew an old bond, and come away with a unique piece, immensely satisfied, […]

Human Design and more: Interview of HUDE founder with Great Companies

Nazim Iqbal, Founder of HUDE Studio, and a thought leader in the realm of Human Design, was recently interviewed by the publication, Great Companies. Following is an excerpt… Great Companies: How did you get your idea or concept for the business? Nazim Iqbal : During my journey of 20 years in the digital industry – […]